If you had to decide a pair of franchises to be kicked out of MLB, which will they be?

Question by Mr Jack: If you had to decide a pair of franchises to be kicked out of MLB, which will they be?

I would kick out:
-Kansas City Royals: Too many consecutive terrible seasons. They have also too many years with concerning low attendance to their ballpark.
-Toronto Blue Jays: Almost the same story. Empty stadium, no winning seasons since many seasons, no players to the All Star Game.

Best answer:

Answer by Thor, Bringer of Thunder
Every team sends a player to the All-Star game, every year.
The Jays had a winning record last year. Too bad they have to compete with buyers, not players, they could have been division winners elsewhere.

Kick out the Sox and Yankees so other teams can play, not buy.

EDIT: If they didn’t have to play 19 games a year against the Yankees and Sox, they could have won 95+.

EDIT 2: If you say the Jays should be kicked out because they’re in Canada, then you must be a true blue, red blooded AMURIKEN. AIN”T NOBUDDY GON’ MESS WIT MERIKUH!

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14 Comments to “If you had to decide a pair of franchises to be kicked out of MLB, which will they be?”

  1. The toronto blue jays are growing and theyre actually getting better. You can bet that theyre eventually going to move from toronto. the royals are just a sad team, so are the pirates.

    to the guy who said the red sox and yankees should leave; thats just an ignorant statement. if you were a company would you fire two of your biggest client? Baseball, like other professional sports, are a business first. and also the blue jays finished 85-77. still would have finished in 2nd in any other division, get your facts straight.

  2. Toronto….because they play in Canada and Florida Rays because the play like Canadians

  3. justinbig9 // Oct 22, 2013 at 2:34 pm // Reply

    I can’t believe you didn’t mention the pirates! They haven’t been good since the 70′s! They had a moment with bonds and bonilla, but that’s it!

  4. a_man_could_stand // Oct 22, 2013 at 3:09 pm // Reply

    Pittsburgh Pirates – I have great respect for the Pirates’ tradition…but the way the team has been run the past decade is an insult to the great Pirate teams of the past.

    Florida Marlins – Just because of their two post-World-Series fire sales and the fact that they have cheerleaders…

  5. No one should be kicked out. In fact I would like to see another expansion and salary limits placed on teams and players. The teams you mention can no longer compete because they don’t have the money that some of the east and west coast teams do. Money is ruining baseball.

  6. If you base your picks on empty stadiums then half of the league should be kicked out. And already one answer stating kick them out because they are in Canada, what a surprise.
    Edit – And Bryan, playing like Canadians is a compliment. MVPs – Walker, Morneau and Votto. O Canada.

  7. Rangers 6-0 // Oct 22, 2013 at 5:04 pm // Reply

    Yankees and Giants.

  8. Wizard of Westworld // Oct 22, 2013 at 5:05 pm // Reply

    Yankees and Red Sox


  9. Chipmaker // Oct 22, 2013 at 5:58 pm // Reply

    I’d contract the Yankees — and one other team, but it really doesn’t matter which one.

    Hold; here’s why. Mostly I want to neutralize the Yankees’ market advantage, so all YES Net contracts get canceled as well. Then the NYC Metro area gets THREE new teams installed (four if the Mets were dumped as well). NYC divided by four (instead of two) puts those four teams on much more equitable market (and potential income) footing with the other MLB franchises. And then everyone can stop foaming at the lungs about how the Yankees are too big or spend too much or buy all their players or, or, or whatever.

    I fully expect one of the new teams would be Yankees2.0 and play in New Yankee Stadium. That’s fine. But instead of pulling in $600M per year, they’d be collecting, oh, $230M-ish. And that’s not so big a biscuit that it would be thought insurmountable. Plus: instant rivalries!

    C’mon. The NYC area used to support three teams. Surely it could handle four, even in these dark times.

    And yes, we would lose some, most, maybe even all of the ever-popular “rant and rail about the Yankees” static, but this should be seen as a GOOD thing. Silence is underrated. And no doubt some new static would arise soon enough.

    Divvy up the NYC market. That’s the ticket.

    This has no chance whatsoever of happening — but it is a dream I have.

  10. Tempting to pick the Yankees, since they’ve beaten my favorite team in 9 straight playoff games, and I’m mad at them. But I realize that the game is more interesting with the Yankees in it. Ditto the Red Sox, though I’m really sick of them too.

    I’ll go with the Diamondbacks and the Nationals.

    Neither team has much tradition or history to draw upon. I’ve always thought “Diamondbacks” was a stupid name, especially when they put “D-Backs” on their shirts. Sounds too much like D-Bags. Also, Arizona is too hot.

    As for the Nats, they’re just not a good team. Plus it would make the Orioles happier if they left, since Baltimore used to draw lots of fans from the DC area.

    By the way, you messed up a few of your facts, there. First, while the Royals have had 7 straight losing seasons, that’s nothing compared to the Pirates, who have lost 19 years in a row. Second, the Jays had a winning season last year, when they won 86 games! Finally, every team sends at least one player to the ASG. Last year, the Jays were represented by John Buck, Jose Bautista, and Vernon Wells.

  11. Pirates and Nationals….oh…and did I mention Pirates?

  12. Masternachos // Oct 22, 2013 at 7:13 pm // Reply

    I’d rather just ‘move’ teams, but ok- the Rays and the Diamondbacks.
    It would make sense to eliminate the two newest teams, right? And neither really have much history. Now, if the 2001 WS is too much of a problem, you could switch the Rockies in for the Diamondbacks.

  13. bleacherbrat34 // Oct 22, 2013 at 7:49 pm // Reply

    Yankees and the Mets

    just because they-are in New York.

  14. Funny a profitable team which is owned by a multi-billion corporation is always the candidate for contraction. For the record, the Jays had all-stars last year, you may have heard of a guy… what’s his name again… 54 home runs… most in the majors…. oh right… Jose Bautista…

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