has anyone bred rabbits before?

Question by : has anyone bred rabbits before?

ive done lots of research but i would prefer no websites- i really need personal experience.
i just have a few Q’s

1- when can you take the mums fur off the baby bunnies, mine are 8 days old now and the fur keeps coming off them, so i dont know if they are slowly not needing it now they’re getting fur, are they getting too hot?

2. is it six or 8 weeks you can take them away from their mothers?

3. how do you tell which sex is which and when? do you have to take them to a pet shop or vet to be able to tell?

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no thats not what i meant about the fur!
the mum pulls her fur off and puts it on the babies at birth, but now the babies are wriggling out of the fur and im thinking maybe they are to hot under it? and wasn’t sure whether to put it back over them or just leave it.

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Answer by chabang!
you dont take the fur off the baby bunnies ! let their hair grow out and if it falls out then let it be, its normal.
it should be about 8 weeks until you keep them away from their mothers, unless they stop eating then that means they need more milk from their mommy.
you cant tell what they are at a young age, unles theyre atleast 3 months old, but sometimes you cant tell if its a male even though it is.then tahst when you get it checked out at the vet

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  1. Ganeshmohant // Oct 30, 2013 at 8:05 pm // Reply

    Question 1.Do not take mums fur off the baby bunnies,You can open windows and other ventilators and this keep them cool.Never interfere the mother rabbit,this makes inconvenience on them and they will eat their own kids.Leave them indepedent.You can save them from predators,give them food and water and open ventilators.

    Question 2. 8 weeks. At three weeks kits start to nibble on pellets or alfalfa hay. By 6-7 weeks your bunny can feed free choice on pellets and hay and is getting ready to wean. Weaning is usually finished by 8 weeks. Then You can separate them then from mom in eight weeks.

    Question 3. The most imprtant question.

    In an adult rabbit, it will be clear to tell what sex rabbit you have. The male has a circle shape.

    Hold your rabbit on his back, look between the rear legs, near the base of the tail. You should see two holes here.

    The opening closest to the tail is the anus. The opening closest to the belly is the genitals.
    Male rabbits testicles descend at 9-20 weeks of age. If your rabbit has not been fixed, the easiest thing to look for is the testicles. They are near the genital opening and flesh colored. Fur often hides them, so you will need to feel with your fingers pushing fur out of the way.

    If your rabbit is young or has been neutered, you will need to examine the genitals. Gently place a finger to each side and lightly apply pressure down. Examine what pops up. Sometimes the penis pops right out. Other times, the penis does not appear, but you see a tube with a small opening at the top. Even though this is a round opening, this is a boy.

    Girls have a slit this is an opening that starts at the high point and ends where the genitals meet the body, near the anus. Sometimes the area appears to have some dark red coloring, and other times it is pink.

    What sometimes confuses people is that “something”- the vulva, pops out and there can be some height. Don’t let the height confuse you. If there is a slit you have a girl.

    An Alternative Answer
    As rabbits get older it’ll be much easier to determine male from female just by looking. The younger ones you can tell by placing the rabbits on their back if you have them in the right position they’ll be in a trance like state and not move. Use your thumb and forefinger to gently push back the skin in the genital area, if the rabbit is male there will be a round protrusion with a hole in the center. After about ten weeks the male’s testicles should be visible keep in mind males can retract them so if they aren’t seen that doesn’t mean it’s not male. The female’s looks basically the same except it’s more of a slit then a hole.

    By the way, I have never seen a clerk in a pet store sex a rabbit correctly or accurately. If you want a rabbit, adopt from a knowledgeable rabbit rescue organization or humane society. Rosemary Rabbit, my Harlequin female, was sold to me as a “dwarf neutered male Rex.” I know it was entirely wrong when I took at look at her in the store. She was a 3 month old unspayed female Harlequin breed rabbit from a pet store in Minnesota. She had already been returned by her first purchaser according to the clerk because she was “too wild.”

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